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The Kevin Moore hosts the acclaimed podcast The Kevin Moore Show with over 100k viewers. He has dedicated the podcast to all things spiritual and connecting mainstream public with qualified channelers. Click Here to watch the video.

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Straightforward, compassionate with pin-pointed accuracy. Structured Guidance from Jeshua gives you the why, the why not, and the how to bring clarity to your life. They guide, they heal, they instruct you on how to live a happier, healthier, more prosperous life.

2 full days with Jeshua as they teach The Essential Material. Each segment is 3-hours with time for Q&A. Lunch break is included in these 7-hour workshops

Pillar 1 - The Foundational Material

Pillar 2 - Law of Attraction

Pillar 3 - Self Healing

Pillar 4 - Intuitive Development

Multi-day retreat focused on your healing. Jeshua designed this special topic course for those interested in connecting with their higher self and guide to remove unwanted beliefs, otherwise known as blocks and unconscious beliefs that limit your ability to manifest a life you are wanting. These retreats are limited to 10 people and are in-person only. It is your "reset button."

Unfoldment Into Channeling and other courses as part of the Center for Intuitive Studies. Virtual, In-Person, and Self-Paced courses to invigorate your connection to your guide to develop your intuitive, ocular, and channeling abilities. There is no better way to learn to communicate with Source than from Source beings themselves.

Held every other Thursday on Zoom, these 2-hour workshops are designed to give you a taste for channeled material. Ask any question on their teachings or any topic that you find interesting or important to you. No question will be turned away. This is an adult only workshop due to the potential subject matter. 

Look for our new course material for 2023. Self-paced, channeled guidance on topics that align with the 4 Pillars of Learning from the Jeshua Center for Intuitive Studies

Channeling Jeshua

About Carol
Original Channel for the Jeshua Collective

My ability to channel spontaneously manifested in March 2019 after nine months of quiet meditation. I have been a light trance channel ever since. My guide and nonphysical teachers that collectively call themselves Jeshua flow an abundance of information through me. I rely on them fully and I hope you will as well. They write through me, they teach through me, and they heal through me in ways that are undeniable. All classes, lectures, readings, and Source Healing sessions are trance channeled creating an experience of two-way dialog with them. Allowing Jeshua to borrow my voice is absolutely my favorite thing to do and I look forward to channeling for you.

What My Clients and Students Say


I AM Retreat - Your Restart Button

All I can say is I hope I never miss an opportunity to attend this retreat. I feel different, less stressed. Things just don't bother me anymore. I'm working on bringing my husband to one of them! 

~ Janel