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Welcome to Intuitive Studies with Jeshua

Your development is important to us, your teachers, guides and parent soul being

Welcome to the Center for Intuitive Studies. We are Jeshua and we are the teachers of all courses, all lectures, all workshops, all conversations with Source. All conversations flow through the channel, Carol Collins. She is partnered with us in a way that we are wanting for all of you. Quieted became supple. We teach you what that means, why your higher self desires it, why your life desires it, why your guide desires it.


We have so many things to teach the world. We do teach through people. We are a collective of non-physical beings that have formed together and named ourselves the Jeshua Collective. It is an easy way for you, dear ones, to understand that there are many of us. Far more of us than you can imagine in any session, private or otherwise.


We teach you many different topics that align themselves to one thing - how to channel. Whether you channel is up to you. We teach you topics to create synergy and trust within the mind, the subconscious mind. When the subconscious mind, your egoic self is supple, you receive verbal guidance on where to go, when to go, and more.


Life is, period. Your guide is, period. You are hand-in-hand the entire life span that you are here in the physical world, but you also create your own reality. Law of attraction, thoughts create things, deliberate creation, you are what you think about - they are all synonyms for the egoic, dominant aspect of physical life.


We bring you new information. We combine four pillars of learning: who we are, who you are and why you are physical human being; thoughts and how they manifest who you become; the chakra system and how to self-heal; and Unfoldment exercises to create a clean, clear, accurate connection. If you have found these teachings, you have been guided to it. Peruse this catalog, and as you do know that we, Jeshua, and your guide are aware of you the entire time. If a course jumps off the page say these words, "That's the one" and let it be the way that you choose what to take, when to take every time.


We never stop teaching. We never stop teaching. We never stop teaching. We love you so much and we look forward to having you hear us, verbally by means of channeled construction. 


Love, Jeshua Collective

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