ACIM Explained

The most loving thing you can do for yourself is learn A Course In Miracles with the being that authored it. Jeshua explains week by week, chapter by chapter how to live the life you designed for yourself and one free of limitations.

There is no better teacher than the one who authored the book

Reality is the one you create for yourself. Words matter. Thoughts matter. Choosing the better thought, the  better idea, the better situation, the better feeling is the miracle. Through me, Jeshua teaches A Course In Miracles alongside the guide of each participant. You will be guided throughout the course to heal that which was done to you, misunderstanding the world, why you are here, and that this place called earth was created for you.


Each week explores with Jeshua the concepts, terms, living the art of allowing, and healing the mind from unwanted beliefs. There will be plenty of opportunity for Q&A plus access to the private FB group Spiritually Led Journey with weekly conversation starters provided by Jeshua. Create more loving kindness in social media by engaging in this study group forum outside of class sessions.

Online classes held every Tuesday evening, 5-6pm EST using Zoom

Session 1: January through March

Session 2: April through June

Session 3: July through September

Session 4: October through December

Quarterly sessions are $300 (12 classes). Payment in full is due at time of registration.

There are many ACIM courses available, but none taught by channeling Jeshua