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 Readings & Attunements

Workshops are a great way to receive guidance from Source but sometimes there's nothing like a one-on-one, private conversation for readings and energy work. Jeshua is the collective of nonphysical Teachers that speak through me. They are gentle, wise, straightforward yet compassionate. With pin-pointed accuracy, they know what you need to know and how to bring clarity to your life.

Remove fear and doubt through a conversation with Jeshua

How do you know how to handle different situations, what is coming up for you, whether a decision, a person, or an environment is healthy for you? Gut feeling only gets you so far and often leads you in the wrong direction. Jeshua guides you on any topic that is important to you and will also connect you with your guides and loved ones. They know what you are manifesting, why and how to get you on a better path. They call it "structured guidance" and it lays out a plan for you, often with timelines, predictions, and options for you to consider. It is step-by-step instructional advice to help you make significant change. 

NOTE: All readings and chakra attunements are by phone at the number entered at registration.

Private Sessions


Available by phone throughout the week. Readings and energy work are easily done remotely - geographic distance does not slow down or impede the ability for Jeshua to connect to you and review your specific situation. Appointments offered are 30-min 60-min, or groups.


Chakra Attunements

Jeshua calls it Source Healing where they, alongside your guide, create an atmosphere of healing for your mental, emotional, and physical state. It is like relaxing into meditation while they attune and balance your chakras. I like to say it is a conversation Jeshua has with your body to heal it from unwellness of any kind. In-person and remote healing sessions are available, geographic distance has no effect on energy work. Positive effects of returning to your natural state can be felt in as little as one session. Appointments offered are 30-min or 60-min.

Readings and Chakra Attunements are held via phone throughout the week at the number entered when scheduling.

30-min session is $180

60-min session is $360

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