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Rejuvenate at the I AM

The retreat weekend is a belief-altering, life-changing, habit reforming, Source connected, inspiration filled weekend that you will not soon forget.

Designed by Jeshua, the I AM is your restart button

Held several times a year as a Friday afternoon to Monday morning event, the "I AM" is100% designed by Jeshua. Energy from Source Healers focus on the Root Chakra to heal unwanted habits, unconscious beliefs, and painful memories that stop you from manifesting the life you are wanting AND the life purpose(s) your Higher Self had Intended for you. A clear connection with your guide is always one of the intentions for the weekend's activities and increased ocularity is often the result.  

For an entire weekend you will be immersed in channeled guidance on who Source beings are, why we are having a physical life experience, how life experience has shaped you, and what you can do about it. In addition, there is round the clock Source healing to remove energy blocks that are stopping you from becoming who you were meant to be. Chakra cleansing is done by the master Healers known as Jeshua and clear unhealthy beliefs stored in the Root Chakra. Healing the Root is the primary focus of the weekend's activities and why Jeshua named it the "I AM Retreat."

For participants who are local to any venue, please note that lodging with retreat participants is a requirement as it is necessary for proper attention from Jeshua, your guide, and the non-physical healers that will be present all weekend. Unfortunately, I am not able to make exceptions to this. Please plan accordingly.

Retreat Weekends for 2022:

Cost is $500 for the retreat weekend, does not include lodging

  • New Orleans - February 18-20

  • Sedona - July 15-17

  • Pittsburgh - September 23-25

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