Unfoldment Into Channeling

A weekly 90-min class held  on Monday evenings, Seth (the entity who wrote the Seth Speaks series through Jane Roberts in the 1970s) speaks through me and is the teacher of every Unfoldment class session.


Seth has this to say about these classes - "we are loving your attendance and interest in learning how to communicate with us. Let us teach your mind how to understand who we are, that we are teaching it, and how to tell YOU dear one what the heck it is we are saying! :)  Love, Seth"


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Learning  from Seth brings about clean, clear, accurate receiving

Jeshua Is. They are Consciousness. They are Infinite Intelligence. They are Source beings. They are The Collective of nonphysical vibration beings that teach through me. Their guidance always produces results because they are the teachers - they explain why. They know how our minds work, where you are in your development, what your easiest skill is, and what your Guide wants you to know about your progress. They increase your confidence - as well as your accuracy. There is no better way to learn how to communicate with your guide and loved ones than through a channel. The entity Seth leads discussion topics to combine exploratory learning with cognitive base learning to aid your development. They not only teach you exercises and validate your progress but also who "nonphysical beings" are and why guidance from them is so important.


Unfoldment Into Channeling classes follow a program designed by Seth to increase your ability to receive, clarity in that receiving, and accuracy on what your guide is conveying to you. The four pillars of Jeshua's Intuitive Studies program that lead to channeling are:

  • The Foundational Material - who "Source Beings" are, who we are as physical people, and why we are having this life experience.

  • Idea Reconstruction - otherwise known as creating your reality, how to manifest your life on purpose using the power of thought energy.

  • Natural Healing using Directed Energy Within - Energy blocks are a significant reason why receiving from your Guide is slow and/or inaccurate. Quiet the mind through mediation and clear the blocks (unconscious beliefs) and a whole new world of communication opens up to you. Meditation and Directed Energy Within techniques clear the pathway of being able to connect and hear what your Guide and Loved Ones are saying.

  • Unfoldment Exercises - Exercises and practice sessions to open you to receiving from your Guide clean, clear, and accurate. The three things that make communication with the nonphysical beings they call Source not only fun, but useful.

Online classes held every Monday evening, 7-8:30pm EST using Zoom

Session 1: January through March

Session 2: April through June

Session 3: July through September

Session 4: October through December

Quarterly sessions are $300 (12 classes). Payment in full is due at time of registration.

BONUS:  Students who enroll in semester-based courses will receive a 50% off code good for readings and attunements during their semester of enrollment.

Cognitive-based learning always includes some amount of guesswork.

Exploratory learning increases your skillset. Source Led learning provides results