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Center for Intuitive Studies

Classes are a great way to learn a little - or a lot directly from Jeshua. Channeled teaching is an opportunity to from your Jeshua. I go into a light trance state and they teach you. I sometimes say I have the easiest job in the world - but it is also the most rewarding. There is no better way to work through a problem, design your life, or learn something new than from them. No matter the topic, their teaching will amaze you. I like to call it, Conversations with Source. 

Learning environment where Jeshua is the teacher!

Unfoldment into Channeling 

Weekly 90-min classes held every Monday evening 7-8:30pm EST via Zoom.  Seth (the entity who wrote the Seth Speaks series through Jane Roberts in the 1970s) leads discussion for every class session. Under Seth's guidance and instruction, beginner students will notice initially stronger intuition followed swiftly by clairvoyant experiences of varying degrees - activity that Seth calls "ocularity." For those interested or ready for it, channeling and trance channeling come next. Meditation is a requirement for any serious student of how to receive from Source clean, clear, and most of all - accurate. There is no strict program schedule as the curriculum is designed each week by Seth specifically for those in attendance but are defined using 3-month increments.

*NOTE: Active students receive 50% off private readings and chakra attunements valid for duration of each enrolled session


Directed Energy to Self-Heal Classes

Weekly 60-min class sessions held every Tuesday evening 7-8pm EST via Zoom. Taught by Jeshua to help you go beyond positivity and idea reconstruction and into the hidden realm of the energy field and how Chi and law of attraction find each other, what it does to you when they do, and what you can do about it. Glad Effect is always the result of continued maintenance to your energy field. Once you know the positive effects of deliberate creating and self-healing using Source Led Healing (Directed Energy) there is no way you cannot not become a powerful manifester of anything you are wanting. Personal guidance is always included. General information is used however there will be opportunities to use specific situations - patterns of behavior, mental blocks, perceived lack or limitations, physical ailments, emotional discord etc. will all be explored.

There are four sessions to choose from: January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December

Quarterly sessions are $300 (12 classes). Payment in full is due at time of registration unless enrolled in recurring monthly auto payments. Pro-rated fee applies to students enrolling mid-session. 

*NOTE: Active students receive 50% off private readings and chakra attunements valid for duration of each enrolled session

Spiritually Led Journey - ACIM Study Group

Reality is the one you create for yourself. ACIM is explained by the being who wrote the book alongside the guide of each participant. Concepts, terms, living the art of allowing, healing the mind from unwanted beliefs, and plenty of Q&A. There are many ACIM courses but none that are taught by Jeshua through channeled discussions. * With unlimited access to Spiritually Led Journey Facebook Study Group.


Our Knowing - Conversations With Jeshua (alternating Thursdays)

An evening with Jeshua is like no other channeled event. It is 2-hours of nonstop channeled conversation where your questions guide the event. Their teaching will amaze you. Jeshua Collective of beings begin each workshop teaching on a topic of their choice to enlighten you on who they are or some aspect of learning how to live a happier, healthier life. Afterwards, they open the balance of time for questions on any topic that is important to you.

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