Recurring Events


Teachings of Jeshua

Weekly Trance Channeled Event Series

Most Fridays 7-9pm ET - Online via Zoom

As a trance channel, I love nothing more than hearing Source teach. Jeshua is the name given to me as the name of the collective of "Ascended Ones" and as they put it "of 12." I simply call them my nonphysical best friends and I enjoy learning everything they teach through me to include: the continuity of life - who they are, who we are, what this thing call life is all about, intentional living and manifesting with ease, why direct communication with them exists and that every single one of us has the opportunity to learn how to do it with accuracy and clarity, what "intuitive studies" is and why they are teaching it through me.


Each Jeshua Speaks event (I like to call them Source Knows All) is uniquely designed to teach an aspect of Universal Consciousness followed by an invitation for participants to enter into a conversation with them. This is the Q&A opportunity for you to receive direct guidance and teachings from Source.

Cost is $10 per event

The Zoom link will be provided via email with your paid registration.

Upcoming dates for 2021 - all events are 7-9pm ET:

March 26 - Asking Source Anything, Tricks to Getting What You Want

April 9 - How To Make Your Emotions Work For You

April 23 - Who Are The P'nti?

May 7 - Physical Manifestation of Clairvoyant Abilities

May 21 - Dictation From Your Guides, How It Is Done

June 4 - Unconscious Beliefs, Your Delay In Manifesting

July 9 - Planetary Energies and How to Use Them



July 23 - Who Are Consciousness Beings?

Aug 6 - Ascension of Us All

Aug 20 - Elevating Your Consciousness, In Other Words Ascension in the Nonphysical

Sept 3 - Akashic, part 1 - Real or Not Real?

Sept 10 - The Birthing and Rebirthing Process

Oct 1 - Archangels, We Know Them To Be Angelic Realm Beings

Oct 15 - All That Is

Nov 12 - The Inner Equinox, The Rebirthing Process

Nov 19 - Akashic, part 2

Dec 10 - Akashic part 3

Dec 17 - Law of Attraction,  Who Owns It, Source or Me?

Trance Channeled 3-hour Workshop

In-person and Online options available

Heal Yourself Workshop

The body has healing properties within it, more so than you might imagine. Believing that there is etheric energy flowing through your body is essential to receiving the benefits of directing energy within. This workshop will teach you to use your beliefs and etheric energy (as well as sight for some) to heal the physical body and to ward off those physical ailments that are beginning to manifest. When you teach you learn. We use this concept throughout the workshop to remind everyone to use their own evidential experiences and voice them to others so this world can learn to be less reliant on traditional medicine as its primary option for healing. In time, directing energy throughout the body will create a more resilient, more supple, more energetic life. The course provides the foundational material and hands-on exercises using both general and specific examples. The workshop is meant to provide you, the individual, with tools to help your own life and the basics to share with others so they too may begin to heal themselves. 

Workshop cost is $100

Upcoming date/time for 2021

Dec 11 - ONLINE via Zoom, 11am-2pm ET

Heal Yourself Workshop

Spiritually Led Journey - A Course In Miracles Study Group Lead by Jesus

Held every Tuesday - FREE - Online via Zoom

This ACIM study group was formed in 2020 after being asked by Jesus to create it as an opportunity for him to reach even more people. I like to let everyone know that the title was also chosen by him.


The discussion group is held weekly and is an opportunity to engage in ongoing teachings of ACIM through trance channeled conversations from Jesus and Jeshua is a forum for learning in addition to inviting the ideas and questions of others to enhance everyone's learning.


Jesus is always present in every gathering and offers us his guidance to aid our understanding with thought provoking discussion points, questions to engage the group, and ideas for incorporating the principles into our daily life. Jesus strongly encourages us to read the book in addition to joining the discussion group. I feel blessed to channel him each week for us and believe strongly that this text does what Jesus says - trains the untrained mind and opens us up to remembering that we are a spirit being having a physical life experience.

In addition to the weekly discussion group, all are invited to join our FB group of the same name - Spiritually Led Journey - for supplemental conversations, additional teachings, and video replies to ACIM questions posted as comments.

Downloadable copies of the book, voice recorded versions, and paperback versions are all acceptable.


**Coming Soon - video recorded series of Jesus reading ACIM through me that will be 30 

Cost is Free - group is held every Tuesday from 5-6pm EST.

The group link will be provided via email after registration.

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Source Led Meditation Series

New Meditations Published Weekly (approx 30min)

on FB @the.pittsburgh.medium

Quieting the mind can be a transformative activity that has both health and spiritual benefits and is a gift that you give yourself. Meditation allows you a respite from the thoughts and influences that can challenge your peaceful state of being. As the body relaxes, the mind follows. The emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits can have a lasting effect on not only health and happiness but also toward discovering your intuitive abilities.


Each week I post a recording of the Entity James or other Nonphysical Teacher discussing varies topics related to meditation, what it is designed for, how and why benefits manifest for those who practice it consistently, the various methods for quieting the mind, followed by a Source guided meditation session that will give you the best start to your day. I encourage you to accept this invitation as a method of starting your day With Source. 

Cost is Free - Recordings are posted on FB @the.pittsburgh.medium

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