What I Do

Channeling is an opportunity to receive verbal guidance, instruction, teaching, and attunements with Jeshua, your Guide and Higher Self or Loved Ones. There is no better way to work through a problem or design your life. No matter the topic, Structure Guidance is conveyed from them, through me, to you. I like to call interaction with Jeshua, conversations with Source. 

Channeled Readings

Straightforward, compassionate with pin-pointed accuracy. Structured Guidance from Jeshua gives you the why, the why not, and the how to bring clarity to your life. Your Guide, Loved Ones, as well as Jeshua guide the conversation with you.

How to Channel Classes

Weekly intuitive development classes to help you receive from the nonphysical plane clean, clear, and accurate. I channel Seth from the Jane Roberts series for every class. There is no better way to learn direct communication than from those you are trying to connect with.

I AM Retreats

Jeshua designed this retreat weekend to heal your life of unwanted habits, unconscious beliefs, and painful memories. Held twice a year this is your opportunity to hit the restart button. It is a life-changing weekend.

Chakra Attunements

Energy work is the key to being able to recover from addiction, heal relationships, work through a difficult chapter in your life, to make decisions easier, and to create a happy, abundant lifestyle.

Our Knowing Cruise

4-part seminar series on how to manifest your life "On Purpose." It is an amazing opportunity to engage with Jeshua and receive guidance on whatever it is that you are having trouble with or trying to manifest. Every seminar combines idea reconstruction, Directed Energy, and "partnering up."

ACIM Study Group

Spiritually Led Journey

A Course In Miracles study group to receive direct guidance, conversation, and discussion with the one who wrote the text. Channeled conversation occurs at each weekly meeting.

What Our Clients Say


I AM Retreat participant

All I can say is I hope I never miss an opportunity to attend this retreat. I feel different, less stressed. Things just don't bother me anymore. I'm working on bringing my husband to one of them! 

~ Janel