Every story has a beginning before the beginning of the story. My "before the story" was filled with love, lost love, heartbreak over love, new love - repeat. In 2005 my daughters received James first. They used to joke about "Jimmy" the ghost that lived on our horse farm. I didn't experience him personally but we lovingly blamed him for many strange occurrences saying "Jimmy did it." In 2008, during a particularly difficult lost love experience, James was revealed directly to me.

We all have our "go to" when we are trying to cope or pick ourselves up. Mine is reading. Not my usual sci-fi and epic fantasy novels, my "take-me-away-from-real-life books," but How To books - how to manage emotions, how to feel better, how to cope, how to not be consumed with feeling bad. 

I prayed often and I read everything I could get my hands on. Eat, Love, Pray was one book that carried me through - although I was secretly angry (spoiler alert) at the end when she found love. I was also in an Executive Master's in Leadership program at Georgetown University that year and all the introspection and self-love taught there was another saving grace. During that time, a friend suggested that I intentionally ask who my Guides are because they could help me. So, one night before falling asleep, I asked to know who my Guide was. That night I had a dream so vivid I could still draw it clearly today. The following night I had the exact same dream.

In this dream, I was in a boy's bedroom. It was clean with nothing out of place. There was a man standing in the room looking towards the bed. He didn't say anything, in fact, the whole dream was silent. I somehow "knew" that he was the father of a teenage son who had passed away and that his son's name was James. I woke up with this knowing and remembered the dream with acute clarity.

This was my first personal introduction to James.

From that point, I sought many ways to deepen my connection. I read books, took classes, tried talking out loud to him, and continued praying. I didn't know at that time that spirit beings were never singular so I always thought of Jimmy/James as a person guiding me. A person that somehow picked me. I would set intentions before falling asleep and I would wake up with knowledge of an answer.  Years later, during another lost love experience where I threw in the towel, packed up everything and moved, I was again thrown into the need for self-reflection, self-love, and sought a coping mechanism that would again help stabilize my emotions of the newness of life.


My new life in the city was fun and exciting but I wanted to move forward with my life and balancing my emotions seemed like the best thing to focus on. I found Mandy Morris on Facebook and and dove into her program on law of attraction and self-love. I clicked on a link "coincidentally" one day and heard my first of many, many, many Abraham-Hicks recordings. Everything Abraham said resonated with me and I consumed myself with listening to their teachings (you can find many excerpts on YouTube). I followed their guidance and began a consistent, daily practice of silent meditation which changed my entire world. After 30-days I was feeling noticeably better. After 60-days, other people noticed differences in me, I was calmer, happier. After 90-days, I was a completely different person emotionally and have been so ever since.

One morning while meditating, my head made a quick yet tiny motion to the left. It was so subtle that I thought maybe it was my imagination until it happened again a few weeks later. This "tick" as I called it turned into a small swaying motion that eventually grew into big, beautiful, repeating, swirling motions with my face. For months I asked myself - "is this how my body interprets vibration or is this communication I am not yet translating?"


​And then, one morning I recognized a pattern that the swirls made as the infinity sign and I said "Infinity" to myself. When I did, my head suddenly stopped moving. The same motion repeated and again I said "Infinity." This time my head stopped again but this time only briefly before turning to my left shoulder. In that I began receiving verbal (albeit written) communication from James by spelling words in distinct, cursive letters from left to right as if across a chalkboard.


It was then that our direct, two-way communication began. I asked who I was speaking to and was once again given the name, James as they spelled "We Are James" using this "face spelling method."

Early on, we spent many hours together every single day as James translated the swirling patterns motions by spelling out the word equivalent. There were so many different "swirls" that I have started a dictionary to capture the definition, the direction and position of the patterns as well as the various meanings created by the intensity of the motion. I love every minute of it! Conversations this way became fluent and easy as I understood more and more of what we now call "Vibrational Symbols." Conversations continued "longhand" in this way until the next exciting change. 

Within a very short time - a few weeks - while communicating through the face spelling and symbolic swirls and I began making sentences out of the combination of the two, yet I admit, it was time consuming. As I look back it is almost as if they were waiting for me to want to progress and as soon as I did, I felt the urge to open my mouth or that my mouth was being opened, similar to trying to yawn with your lips still pressed together. I felt a little silly at first but once I relaxed, my lips parted and I began forming an exaggerated shape of words. A few more weeks after "mouth moving" as we began calling it was introduced another new change began. As I laid on the sofa, talking via mouth moving (no voice) I had a strange feeling that James wanted me to use my voice. It felt simultaneously silly yet also the natural thing to do.


I did not understand up until then that they were teaching/training me to be a channel, I was just hanging out with then every day loving this new ability. My only understanding at the time of trance channels were a select few people: Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts and Esther Hicks. My limited knowledge was also a blessing as I had zero resistance to letting myself do what I felt they were asking of me and talk in another new way. So, I said the word that it felt like my mouth was forming - hello. And then James simply continued the conversation and began speaking out loud to me, through me.


I have been a channel for them since that moment and have had countless hours of communicating with Source and Light beings ever since. Conversations this way (trance channeled) are now effortless for me. I receive their frequency, the vibrational essence of what they are wanting to say, easily. It is like breathing - one breath me, the next breath them. Going "into the focus" or moving into "an altered state" is automatic and my body receives them automatically. They are always present in a very real sense. There really is no exaggeration when I say they are with me and conversing with me all day every day - either verbally through channeled conversation or through mind's eye conversation (clairvoyantly).


We lovingly our connection Just Love and our method of communicating voice giving since it is a shared action between us.

James self-describe themselves as "a Collective of many consciousnesses that have a similar focus" and that they teach "vibrational technology or vibrational communication." I have since learned that this means they are the Teachers of how to increase intuition, clairvoyance, and channeling. They continually teach me ways to embrace happiness and my connection with them is like having a hilariously funny yet wise, best friend. They are loving, playful, funny, and entertaining as well as very powerful teachers. I feel blessed to have conversations with them and am excited to have the opportunity to share their guidance. 

It has since been explained to me that James is my first level Guardian and that Jeshua is The Ascended - all those that are of the highest level (some say 12th Dimension) vibrational beings that interact with us as we are participating in this experience of physical life. Through me, Jeshua teaches who they are, who we really are, what Ascension and Ascending are all about, the Chakratic System and how it plays a part in Ascending as well as in receiving clairvoyantly, how to channel, and how to participate in the raising of our collective vibration as the earth plane receives their loving transition to 5D, or increasing the heart beat of the earth, as they describe it. 



*Note - I believe my love for Abraham and my appreciation for Esther Hicks and the story of her introduction to them planted a seed in me that became my path of least resistance for connecting with Source Energy myself. I am forever thankful for her and the teachings from Abraham as well as thankful for my own readiness for James, Jeshua, and all those that now teach through me and my ability to offer them my voice so they may teach all who are ready for their message as well.