"Conversations with James and Jeshua"


Workshops are a great way to receive guidance from Source but sometimes there's

nothing like a one-on-one, private conversation.  Jeshua is gentle, wise, knows what

you need to know, what you are ready for, what you are currently manifesting and is

always willing to share creative ideas to help you to be ready for more.


As a trance channel, all of my readings include James, the Collective of nonphysical beings that speak through me. My Guides and yours are always present to assist you, guide you, help you understand what is happening and what is coming up for you. Channeled conversations provide the clarity you are looking for in a reading. Trance channeled readings are always accurate because the Guides speak directly to you


What is it like to receive a channeled reading?

A channeled reading is always accurate because your Guides, the ones you are asking for guidance from, borrow my voice to have a direct conversation with you. I like to say I "voice give" - they say they simply get to speak plainly to you and are able to tell you what they want you to know using the words and descriptions of their choosing.


A trance channels shifts into an altered state of varying degrees. I am typically very light in my trance state and am consciously aware that a reading is taking place but I am not able to interject into it. I receive clairvoyantly at the same time and many of the things I see in my mind are conveyed to you. There may be images, a movie screen, words, Symbols, the movement of energy, sensations, aromas, or the sound of various voices.  

The beauty of a channeled reading is that the guesswork is removed. Rather than conveying messages for your Guides, they get to do it themselves. Being a channel is my favorite gift. I am thankful for it and being able to share it with you. I view my own personal connection with Jeshua as a relationship, not someone I just "tap into" for readings. We converse like friends all day every day and it is my hope that you view your reading with Them, as well as your Guides, as a conversation as well and open up as you would to a close friend.

Channeled readings are two-way conversation that you are having with Source


Jeshua answers your questions with pin-pointed accuracy. Guidance flows through me in a way that is clear, direct, accurate. I do want all my clients to receive the guidance they are looking for and Jeshua always knows how to satisfy that need. They are Source Beings. They are Infinite Intelligence and they do know all.


Life has prepared you for this moment, let Release and Restore be your favorite words!


It is a moment of celebration when Source reveals to you that an emotional attachment from a past life is ready to be released. The cycle may have been at work throughout your life or may have been induced from circumstances that arose by way of life choices. Either way, both have created an opportunity for a transmutation in some area of your life and this always produces a positive effect. Sometimes, this requires actionable steps from you, at other times, the attachment or block will be released through guided meditation from Source. And, there are times when a release has occurred naturally and Source makes you aware of it. The best question to ask when this happens is "what happens next? How will I recognize the effect?" Source always sheds light on both the past life issue and how the releasing of it benefits you. 

The opportunity to release a past life issue is always a testament to positive life choices.


Some of the benefits of clearing an energetic attachment or block


  • Lightness in interaction with others on a specific issue

  • Lightness with interaction with a specific person

  • Added joy in life

  • Enhanced positive outlook

  • Easier time with discussing certain topics

  • No longer hold onto anger, frustration, embarrassment, or doubt

  • Willingness to voice your opinion or "stand in your own power"

  • Desire to shift your social circles to positively enhance your life

  • Letting go of fear, either or something or of the unknown

  • Willingness to engage in activities solo or even on your own

  • Desire for more "me" time

  • Freedom from the things, people, or thoughts that once held you back

  • Increased mental acuity

  • Increased clarity in intuition or clairvoyance





By Appointment Only - Private and Semi-Private Readings (1-2 people)

  • Available in 30-min, 60-min and 90-min options available in-person  phone or via Zoom

  • Cost is $95/30-min, $150/60-min, and $225/90-min

  • Participants are encouraged to take notes or audio record so you may re-listen at any time

  • For international clients, availability is based on Eastern Time Zone (USA)



Advanced Scheduling Required - Group Readings (5-15 people)

  • Conducted as either private events held at a location of your choosing or as scheduled open/public events. Often advanced registration is necessary based on seating capacity

  • Typically group reading is 2-1/2 hours with a maximum of 15 people (minimum of 5)

  • Cost is $65/person

  • For in-person requests outside of a 100-mile radius of Pittsburgh, PA a travel charge may be applied 


All readings are private and confidential

NOTE: All in-person readings must adhere to local and state CDC guidelines throughout 2020

Private, Semi-Private, and Group Readings


Past Life Clearing - Restoring You to Who You Really Are

Preparing for your channeled reading


For the most satisfying experience possible, please consider the following:

  • Most importantly, know that your conversation is with Source. I am the conduit but am not interpreting the information received and repeating it to you, it is flowing through me and spoken to you directly. A channel is a simply a conduit for Source can have a direct conversation with you. 

  • Know that readings are intended to be fun! Hearing from your Guides and Loved Ones is a joyful experience and I create an environment with all my readings that help you feel comfortable and at ease.

  • To maximize your time, consider ahead of time on whether you are looking for a general guidance or if your have specific questions you want to ask. Source always has information that They are wanting you to know which may/may not be what you are hoping to get information on so if you have questions, please be sure to ask them.

  • I often get reminded how not everyone realized who they are speaking with in a reading. They will ask a question and then disregard the guidance received. For any prediction to be realized, you do need to trust the information being given to you and follow it, otherwise things can change. Remind yourself that you are speaking with Infinite Intelligence, non-physical Beings that created the universe! Trust that what they are offering to you for your highest good and correct for you - an important aspect to remember when comparing guidance with others.

  • Many people look at readings to provide closure with a situation or help finding their way through grief, but those are only two reasons to engage in a reading. When considering what question(s) to ask think of it this way - if you had this gift and could wake up every day talking verbally and clearly with your Guardian, what would you want to know? How would you ask it? How much detail do you need to take it from there for a while? Those are the best questions to think about prior to your reading.  

  • For anyone who is embarking up on something new, whether it is a relationship, career, life path, altering their mindset - the possibilities are truly endless - ongoing, recurring guidance is the best way to receive incremental knowledge along with course corrections as you go. Please contact me for package pricing for a volume of minutes or a series of readings to help you receive mentoring from James and your nonphysical Guide and Guardian.

  • Don't be afraid to ask the seemingly embarrassing question - I've heard it all and Source does not have the capacity to judge, criticize, or shame you. They love everything about you and all of your emotions as well as life choices.

  • If unsure what to ask try going more general, such as:

    • What is the next thing I am ready for? ...this week, this month, with this relationship etc.

    • What is the best way to clarify my question?

    • What is the best thing for me to focus on to manifest (xyz)?

    • How can I let go of resistance or negative thoughts on (xyz)?

    • What evidence is there in my life that I am being guided?


30-Minute Reading


60-Minute Reading


90-Minute Reading


2-hr Group Reading


There is no better way to receive guidance than from a channeled conversation with Source