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Powerfulness of Source Energy 2-day Workshops

The Essential Material is presented in workshop format and is your introduction to Jeshua's learning center of excellence.

The Essential Material is our gift to you ~Jeshua

The Jeshua Center for Intuitive Studies combines four areas of learning and are what they call The Essential Material. Jeshua Collective uniquely designed The Powerfulness of Source Energy workshops to be a full 2-days of nonstop channeled information. You will be immersed in conversation, dialog with your guide, higher self, alongside the Jeshua Collective and the master teachers that come forward to teach each segment.

Pillar 1: The Foundational Material which covers all things Consciousness. Who spirit Beings are, who we are, and why we are having this physical life experience. Some topics covered are The Nonphysical Dimension of Reality, The Birthing and Rebirthing Processes, Projection into Dimensions of Reality, Lucid Dreaming and more.

Pillar 2: Law of Attraction and all that goes with it. Specific information on removing beliefs that are not serving us, limitations in manifesting, and how the power of positivity works to your advantage every single time. Through the process of increasing vocabulary and altering how we say things limitations (energy blocks to manifesting) can be softened to the point of non-influence.

Pillar 3: Directed Energy to Self-Heal and the power of the Etheric to remove blockages and reframe what life is presenting to you. All things can be healed once you know that thoughts and your attention on them form blockages inside the web of life that is where behavior and personality begins. Jeshua shows you methods for increasing the flow of Source Energy through your nonphysical body.

Pillar 4: Intuitive Development segment is designed to align your beliefs with your abilities. There is nothing that cannot be done when you use the power of thought coupled with positive emotional state. The mind of human beings is powerful. Intuitive Development is intended to bring your awareness to what "within" really means. Connecting with your Guide in this segment is absolute.

Designed as a two-day workshop with four 3-hour segments each. Each workshop begins with The Foundational Material and how knowing who your Guide is helps your intuitiveness.  Day one wraps up with Law of Attraction and an in-depth study on manipulation of thought using creative word play. Day two begins with stretching exercises and why it aids self-healing followed by an array of touch point activation methods that anyone can do. The workshop ends with a segment on Intuitive Development and validation on the how and why and when to reach for guidance. A portion of each segment includes Q&A to ensure you have all the tips, tools, and takeaways to ensure you are able to live your life On Purpose.

Workshops are held 8:30am to 4:30pm both days.

Cost is $250 for the 2-day event, does not include lunch or lodging

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