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"I AM"
A Chakra Cleansing Weekend

Pittsburgh, PA
September 23-25, 2022

Jeshua designed this retreat weekend to heal your life of unwanted habits, unconscious beliefs, and painful memories that stop you from getting what you want - abundance in all things plus what your Higher Self wants - a clear connection to them.

Retreat is limited to 8 participants
Registration is open - We will sell out so register early


The Guidebook


Each participant receives a personalized Guidebook that highlights specific attunement and life story details based on the retreat weekend. Each Guidebook is a channeled video of your Guide and/or Higher Self talking to you through me. It reveals who you are, who you planned to be, and what the Healers accomplished for you. I am overjoyed every time to present these to you. 

The Healing Experience

The retreat weekend is a belief-altering, life-changing, habit reforming, Source connected, inspiration filled weekend that you will not soon forget.  

For an entire weekend you will be immersed in channeled guidance on who Source Beings are, why we are having a physical life experience, how life experience has shaped you, and what you can do about it. In addition, there is round the clock Source healing to remove energy blocks that are stopping you from becoming who you were meant to be. Chakra cleansing is done by the master Healers known as Jeshua and clear unhealthy beliefs stored in the Root Chakra. Healing the Root is the primary focus of the weekend's activities and why Jeshua named it the "I AM Retreat."


The I AM Retreat is loving attention from Jeshua


I AM is an extraordinary experience in self-discovery, self-evaluation, self-confidence improvement, and conflict resolution with your inner self to not only explore who you are now but who you were meant to be.


The weekend is meant to be impactful.

It is immersive. It is fun. It is filled with self-discovery.

There will be shifts, there will be eye opening conversations that will lead you to profound change. The entire weekend is channeled. Amazing Healers and Teachers guide you, heal you, and teach you throughout the weekend. There is one goal - manifestation of your true self. 


To get there, you will explore where you are in the “here and now” as well as what Intentions were set for this life and where you are on your journey of exploring those ideas, situations, and relationships. You will learn how the chakras create or “hold” those Intentions and how to reset your energy to be in alignment with them. You will engage in conversation about limiting beliefs and how they are affecting your life. 


You will have beliefs undone.

The weekend's journey will bring you memories that will last a lifetime, Source guidance, cleansing, and attunement that will alter your way of thinking (in a good way!) to help you reinvent, re-establish, or re-energize your way of being. It is healing that you receive, and I hope you join me.

Travel Information

The retreat is 3 full days - Friday afternoon through Monday morning. All participants must arrive in time for our 12pm start on Friday and make arrangements to depart at your leisure Monday morning. 

Retreat includes:

All retreat activities and excursion fees

Retreat Participation Packet

Personalized, channeled Guidebook 

Round-the-clock chakra cleansing

Private channeled conversation about your Guidebook


$500/person, lodging and transportation is not included


Lodging recommendations coming soon. 


Included with your registration are the following group activities and retreat-guided tours of:

Details coming soon

Retreat Feedback

"Thank you, Carol for doing this retreat. It has truly changed my life."

I AM is a retreat weekend unlike any other. It was designed by Jeshua, is conducted by Jeshua, and I feel blessed to bring their Healing to all of you. Their methods work, and they describe to you why. Nonphysical teachers, healers, and others are always present with their full attention on you, your chakra cleansing, and healing your Root from unconscious beliefs that are stopping you from living the magnificent life you were supposed to have.

I hope you join me. Space is limited and we will sell out. Please register early.