Source knows what you are wanting, what you are receiving and how to strengthen your intuitive gifts. Let them guide you in your development.



Source Led Intuitive Studies are an enlightening class experience as there is no better way to learn to communicate with Source Beings than from Source Beings themselves. I am excited to share my gift of being a trance channel with all of you to learn directly from Jeshua, Seth, James, Jesus and others.

Everyone receives communication through impulse, intuition, sudden inspiration, and gentle nudging. Jeshua is the Collective "of 12" - the Teachers in the nonphysical dimension. Their teaching is that in addition to the subtleties, everyone has the ability to develop direct, fluid, and accurate communication with the nonphysical beings that guide us. 

This is the "some and more" that Jeshua so often talks about

Source Beings Are. They are Consciousness. They are Infinite Intelligence. They are Source Energy. They are The Collective of nonphysical vibration beings that teach through me. Their guidance always produces results because they are the teachers - they explain why. They know how our mind works and where we are in our development, what your easiest skill is, what your Guardian (typically known as Guides) want you to know about your progress to increase your skill as well as your confidence. They have profound insight into who you are, why you are where you are in your development, and always gives the perfect sequence of activities to aid your learning. Put simply, they know you and they know how to teach you to understand them clean, clear, and accurate.

Cognitive-based learning always includes some amount of guesswork.

Exploratory learning increases your skillset. Source Led learning provides results


As a part of every class, Jeshua and other Teachers incorporate The Foundational Material describing, always eloquently and with amazing imagery, who They are, who we are, and how/why communication exists between us. What a quieted mind does for us - both emotionally, energetically, and intuitively. They teach why there is no "separation" and that by quieting the mind we learn what is needed to understand their frequency - the vibrational language that results in a received thought. This, coupled with their Supplemental Material, not only aids your learning but gives a full spectrum of Knowledge as it relates to your communicative abilities. Together, these Teachers validate your progress and boost your confidence.

Life is meant to be fun and interesting. Learning to channel and increasing your clairvoyance and intuition is no different. Each and every class is stimulated by creativity to enhance your progress

Who Should Attend Source Led Classes? Everyone (over 18)!

Classes are suitable for seasoned practitioners wanting to deepen their skills and those new to exploring the idea of direct communication. Each session is multi-level and suitable for beginner through advanced and include a combination of guided instruction and exercises for receptive skills practice that are targeted specifically for those in attendance. They know who is coming to each and every class making it easy to tailor each session for exactly what you are ready to learn.


Classes are held twice each week, an evening 90-minute class on Mondays and a daytime 45-min class on Fridays. Rather than a prescribed curriculum that follows the same sequence regardless of which students are present, Source Led (channeled) classes offer tailored instruction for those in attendance.


Every class is unique and specific to those present


Source Led instruction is the very best way to increase your intuition, strengthen your clairvoyance and for those ready or interested, the ability to channel or voice-give as we lovingly call it.


The bonus every student loves - validation!

Jeshua and other nonphysical Teachers confirm what you are receiving, clarify why, and provide specific guidance on how to improve


Their goal is to make your receiving "clean, clear, and accurate"

Classes are either 2-hours or 45-minutes depending on your selection and includes instruction and exercises that pertain to the following:

Instruction includes:

  • The Foundational Material

  • Meditation and how it aids the receiving mode

  • The "claires" as Source wants you to understand them

  • Dispelling of myths and misconceptions

  • Joining with your Guide

  • Communication Barriers

  • Practice with tools

  • Self-validation exercises to use at home

  • Why journaling aids your development greatly

  • Practical skills, exercises and games to advance your learning

  • Question/Answer sessions to fill-in any gaps in your understanding of the material




There simply is no better way to learn to communicate with Source Beings than from Source Beings themselves.


Class Schedule

Mondays 7-8:30pm

Fridays 12-12:45pm


Recurring and Drop-in rates are:

Join every Monday evening for $99/month (recurring)

or $30/individual class

Join every Friday afternoon for $49/month (recurring)

 or $15/individual class

All class times are posted as EST

Want to experience a channeled class before purchasing? Contact me for a guest pass


Private Classes

Schedule an appointment to talk with James and your Guardian on what they want you to know about your development, your intuitive gifts, and how to align yourself with developing them, and receive personalized exercises to boost your progress.

Group Classes

Held multiple time throughout the week, classes are designed to increase your intuition, enhance your clairvoyance, and is an opportunity to learn to channel from the nonphysical beings that teach through me.

Meditation Series

James teaches the hows and whys of meditation and how it increases your clairvoyant abilities then leads a Source Guided meditation moment. Each week a new video is posted on FB and YouTube "Synergistic Experience" channel.

Classes Schedule:

Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays   7 - 8:30pm

Want to experience a channeled class before purchasing? Contact me for a guest pass

Amazing things happen when Source is your Teacher