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I love being a trance channel

The question I hear most often is "isn't clairvoyant and channel the same thing?" The answer is easy - no, they truly are two different gifts. A clairvoyant receives in the mind's eye giving the human being an opportunity to say what they see or what they hear depending on how their gift manifests. A channel can be consciously-aware or not. In either case, Source Beings speak directly through the human being. They never inhabit or take over the body as some believe. They simply send your mind a request to use the voice and the mind allows it. A clairvoyant is not a channel but they can learn to be. A channel is always both. 

I am a consciously-aware verbal trance channel



I received my gift in the same way as Esther Hicks - it all began with "face spelling" and in  a few short weeks I began flowing words that were not my own. I like to call is voice giving to my Guides. I now communicate with my nonphysical Teachers all day every day. My Teachers include: Jeshua, Jesus, Seth, James and others. Jeshua describes my gift as a "full, open, blended, consciously-aware verbal tranced channel." I love what they teach, I love being their voice, and most of all I love sharing them with all of you - whether by workshops, live shows, readings, or chakra cleansing (I've met so many wonderful people in the salt caves!) Through me, they teach about collective consciousness, manifesting with ease, health and wellness through chakra cleansing, A Course In Miracles and how it relates to belief systems, and teaching everyone how to bring out their natural intuitive abilities including, learning to channel.


Who better to teach you how to communicate with

Source Beings than Source Beings Themselves?


Just Love

We are all learning to be just love. Reset your emotions, reset who you believe you are, reset what you see in others, and that will lead you to resetting your belief in them.

~ Jesus