Emotional Balance through the Chakratic System

Energy Healing is a conversation Source has with your body


Each session includes a 15-minute free consultation followed by a scheduled 1-hour healing appointment.


In each energetic healing session I am in constant communication with Source - your Guide and Guardian - as they flow their frequency and energy through me. It is what James refers to as "holding space for Source." They are always the healer, I am simply the conduit that allows them to do what you are asking of them. Healing sessions are available for you, your pets/animals, and even your plants as all living things can become out of balance with their natural state.



How Does Healing Occur - The Three Step Process

All healing sessions begin with a phone consultation to determine the appropriate area to focus on to maximize the overall health and wellness outcome. This will be a trance channeled consultation with Jeshua. The areas that are available to you are:

  • Lifepath

  • Physical

  • Relationships

  • Work

  • Spiritual

Once they determine the best area for you, we will schedule the one-hour session. These consultations take approximately 15-minutes.

Note* when you book your initial appointment it will be for the consultation only. The energy healing session will be made during this appointment.


Following the healing part of the session is an opportunity to ask questions. The entire process takes one hour, 45-minutes for attunement and 15-minutes for discussion and receiving their guidance for ensuring the healing takes hold within the belief system. 

** When requested, the Chakratic Positioning Birth Chart may be added for $33 and will be received within a 2-3 days after the session. It includes the two diagrams, the position at birth and position post healing session along with a detailed explanation of what they need you to know about your Intentions and how it has impacted your life so far (as it relates to your healing session). Please select Healing Session only or Healing Session plus Chart when scheduling your private session.


**The Birth Chart may be requested separately from any healing session to allow you to see where the Root System was at birth and how they have repositioned due to life's experiences. This is an amazing way to recognize which life patterns were imprinted in you for this life and which have come about from life. People often ask Jeshua questions such as "what is my purpose" "what did I come here to do or be in this lifetime" or "what past lives are influencing me this life." The Chakratic Birth Positioning Chart is an invaluable resource for anyone in learning who they are, what you intended to do in this life, and what patterns were brought into this life and why.

Source Gifted Healing is a calm, soothing energetic massage that feels like relaxing into meditation. The benefits can be felt in as little as one session. 

Unlike a body massage where muscles are attended to in an effort to reduce swelling or soreness, energetic healing does not require physically touching the body. Energy Healing sessions may be in-person or remote, Source frequency does not adhere to time and space as we know it. In either case, the process is simple, I see the image of the physical body being healed - person, plant, or animal - and as the energy flows through me it creates patterns of movement in my mind that symbolize balance or imbalance and to what degree. As the energy patterns move, James provides an ongoing conversation with me, or channeled to you through me, on where the blockages are and what they are doing to restore balance.

Healing sessions are always accompanied by a channeled conversation on what they are wanting you to know about why the imbalance was present, how to remain in the healthier state, and whether additional sessions would be helpful for you. 

Some of the benefits of Source Gifted Healing


  • Reduced physical pain

  • Mental clarity and emotional balance

  • Softening of emotional distress such as worry, anger, and self-doubt

  • Lessening of emotional disturbance from redistributing energy connected to a past experience

  • Increased joy and outlook on life

  • Strengthening the bonds with your Inner Guidance System

  • Feeling of connectedness with your Divine Self

  • Physical wellness and release of pain

  • Increased mobility and mental acuity

  • Increase in intuitive cognizance and improved clairvoyant occurrences

Energy healing is not a substitute for medical care but is an additional

modality to aid you in your overall mental, physical, and emotional wellness.

What is included?

  • Consultation and initial assessment to determine areas that would benefit from attunement $150

  • Optional Chakratic Birth Positioning Chart with post-healing details for long-term benefit $33





Source Gifted Healing

Allow Source to sooth your body back to its natural state of health

I am the conduit, the allower - Source Beings are the healer