Carol Collins

As a consciously-aware, full trance channel my Guide and nonphysical teachers and healers that collectively call themselves Jeshua flow an abundance of information through me. I rely on them fully and I hope you will as well. They write through me, they teach through me, and they heal through me in ways that are undeniable. All classes, workshops, retreats and readings are trance channeled which means you are experiencing a two-way dialog directly with them. Allowing Jeshua to borrow my voice is absolutely my favorite thing to do. 


The Powerfulness of Source Energy 2-day Workshops

These workshops are an incredible opportunity to receive firsthand the Teachings of Jeshua to clear the myths and misconceptions of who Source Beings are, why we are having a physical life experience, and how to use Source Energy to naturally heal your emotional and physical state on your own. This healing method is what Jeshua calls "Directed Energy Within." A portion of both days is dedicated to Q&A to ensure you have practical skills to take home with you.  Engaging, interactive, informative, and fun. "Your questions are important to us, let us help you understand what this life was meant to be like. We are your loving, partner and co-creator and we love these workshops immensely. ~ Jeshua"

Heal Yourself 1-day Workshop

A fun filled 6-hour workshop dedicated to advancing your learning on the healing modality "Directed Energy Within." Through me, Jeshua teaches every segment using exercises and hands on examples along with Q&A to aid your learning. Specifically, they teach you the art and skill needed to precisely activate energy points to produce natural healing for your mental, emotional, and physical wellness to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Annual Toys-for-Tots Charity Event

Every December is my annual "On Purpose!" law of attraction workshop. There is no registration fee for the workshop but participants are asked to bring a new, unwrapped toy that will be used as your entrance fee. This is your opportunity for a one-on-one conversation with Jeshua in a group setting. Jeshua will answer as many questions as possible during the 3-hour event. What are you wanting to manifest? Love, career, money, new job, new house, items of luxury, a new attitude, exercise routine... the list is endless. Bring your questions, leave with not only answers but my sincere appreciation for supporting Toys-for-Tots.

Veterans Appreciation and Healing Event

Mediumship and healing event dedicated to healing our WWII and the Korean War veterans from trauma suffered during their years of service. A panel of gifted trance channels and clairvoyant mediums connect surviving veterans with those that passed during the wars to provide conversation and healing. In addition, Jeshua provides their own teaching to help soothe the veterans from their traumatic experiences.

Self-Paced Intuitive Studies Curriculum

In development! Coming Soon.