Our Knowing Events

Enjoy learning from Jeshua in various format lengths, live and in-person events and live virtual formats. The Jeshua seminars are geared toward anyone wanting to improve their way of life. For law of attraction enthusiasts frustrated with their ability to manifest - these seminars are designed for you!

The most powerful discussion on Law of Attraction yet!

Jeshua expands the conversation of law of attraction and the power of positivity by combining it with teachings on natural healing to clear away the unconscious beliefs that are holding you back from intentional manifesting.

Self-Healing Workshop (1-day, live format)

Jeshua combines law of attraction, chakra attunement, and Directed Energy to guide you towards healthy living - physically, mentally, and emotionally to improve all areas of your life. When maintained properly, the chakra system counteracts what life does to you. Jeshua shows you the how and why. Implemented as a practice, improvements will be found in every area of your life naturally - your relationship with people, money, body image, parenting, social engagements, general outlook as well as your overall awareness of being guided by Source. 

Powerfulness of Source Energy Workshop (2-day, live format)

Jeshua deep dives into the four pillars of learning: who Source is and why we need to understand it; law of attraction and how to shift towards the power of positivity to alter what you are manifesting; chakra attunements and how to do them manually for upkeep and the incredible boost this does for purposeful creation; Unfoldment exercises, how to identify ocular experiences, who teaches your mind how to interpret conversations from your guide, and why clean, clear, and accurate should be your number one goal.

Our Knowing Workshops, (2-4 hours, live and virtual formats)

These mini workshops are your opportunity to engage directly with Jeshua in a Q&A format. These workshops are nonstop channeled conversation where your questions guide the event. Their teaching will amaze you. Jeshua begins each workshop teaching on a topic of their choice to enlighten you on who they are or some aspect of learning how to live a happier, healthier life. Afterwards, they open the balance of time for questions on any topic that is important to you.

Vacation with Jeshua! (aboard ship and destination resorts)

These are powerful gatherings as they are designed to get you where you are wanting to be. Rather than classroom discussion, the Our Knowing shipboard and resort series is designed as interactive, unique learning experiences and there is nothing quite like them. Participants lean into any question important to them for a powerful teaching lesson on why thoughts matter, why your chakra system matters most, and why knowing you are guided is the best thing you can do for Yourself.  You have never received a combination if information like this before anywhere.