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Love is what Jeshua provides to all that ask for their Teachings. They are accurate above all things and amazing teachers. They shower you with knowledge, wisdom, advice, recommendations, and structured step-by-step guidance. They know all things and their love for you is undeniable. 

Love is not what the world gives you, love is what we teach you.

I am overwhelmed with tears of joy at the information that was given to me about my mother. I have found someone that I can trust with readings.


Jeshua Collective validated my mediumship abilities and walked me through what was happening with my own awakening. I was afraid of what was happening, I no longer feel paranoid. I am looking forward to the future instead of dread. It is heartwarming to know I have abilities. Thank you Jeshua.


Jeshua is undeniably speaking through Carol. She (they) knew things about my life that is not on social media or available publicly. I am able to heal myself from my past and their guidance is undoubtedly the reason why.


I was hesitant to get a reading over the phone about my loved one but within the first 30 seconds there was information that came through that was incredibly accurate. Personality traits, physical issues, and words spoken before he passed. I am eternally grateful for being finding Carol and her guides.


I wanted to truly thank you for such an amazing I AM weekend. I am beyond grateful for having the opportunity to receive healing from Jeshua and to also embrace new life experiences that were much needed for me. My heart is overflowing with tears of joy as I move forward in my life. I cannot thank you enough!! 


All I can say is I hope I never miss an opportunity to attend the I AM Intensive weekends. I feel different, less stressed. Things just don't bother me anymore. I'm working on bringing my husband to one of them! 


I can't thank you enough for what you do. The world needs to know the ACIM study group Spiritually Led Journey exists. Of all the ACIM groups I've belonged to, none have brought channeled conversation from Jesus to it to answer my questions. I feel blessed to have found you, Carol. Thank you for what you do.


Carol I feel so blessed to have found you. The channeled reading I had with you changed my life. You are the real deal.

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