Channeled Books

In 2021 Jeshua began writing books through me. They asked me if I would channel them by video so they could produce them quickly so that they could be available for the public. In less than a year 11 complete books were completed this way and will be published starting October 2022 in the order written. Dictation was done by video and the content remains unchanged. Stay tuned, Jeshua has an ongoing list of books they plan to create that cover The Essential Material - The Four Pillars of Learning.

The Essential Material


Pillar 1

The Foundational Material

The starting point for understanding who "Source Beings" are, who we are, and why we are having this life experience.

Pillar 2

Idea Construction

Otherwise known as law of attraction, deliberate creation, verbal therapy, and using the power of thought energy to manifest your life, on purpose.

Pillar 3


Moving Source Frequency within “the grid” as a means of clearing unconscious beliefs that stop and/or delay your ability to connect with your Guide team and manifest a life of abundance.

Pillar 4

Intuitive Development

Verbal and vibrational instruction to open your inter-mind to ocular (mind’s eye) to increase your ability to receive, clarity in that receiving, and accuracy on what your Guide is conveying to you.                                   

"Is our Knowing of what the world needs to know to live lives that are abundant, enriched, filled with joyful expectation and the receiving of it. We want the world and all our dear readers to know we love you, we love the world. We are real. We are love. We are wanting you to learn from us and leave the world's view behind you in favor of Truth. This aids you and your Higher Self. You are not here to judge yourself or others, you are here to live fully, yet live alongside your Guide, your Coach if you prefer that term and we DO. It is in this partnership that you learn who you really are and what you are capable of. The Essential Material is a suite of books and supplemental workshops to help you understand the foundation of human existence and how to be one with us. We teach these things to aid you. Believe that we are who we say we are and your lives will become easy to manage and easy to manifest whatever it is that you are wanting to explore and see and do and have and become. We love you. We love human life."

                                                                                     We are, forever yours - Jeshua Collective of Teachers 

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Praise for Ocularity of the Mind

I love this book! Jeshua’s transparency about Carol’s awakening experience gives us all more permission to trust ourselves and what we hear from our Guide. A must read for all who are wanting to channel.

~ Roger Burnley, channel for Wilhelm and author of Overcoming Fear: Your Guide to Freedom a Wilhelm book.

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Author Announcement - Carol Book 1 - Ocularity.jpg

a Jeshua Collective dictated book

first of 11 written in 2021! 


Channeled works on The Essential Material - the 4 pillars of learning

Books with a recommended reading order


Book 1 - Ocularity of the Mind, a pillar 4 book and book 1 of the Ocularity Series. (Oct 2022)



Book 2 - Mind Body Connection, a pillar 3 book and book 1 of the Mind-Body Series. (Nov 2022)

Book 3 - Manifestation of the True Self, a pillar 2 book and book 1 of the Self-Healing Series. (Dec 2022)


Books without a recommended reading order

Influence, Desk Set book 1. (January 2023)

Forgiveness, Desk Set book 2 (2023)

Imagine It To Be, Desk Set book 3 (2023)

Relationship With Money, Desk Set book 4 (2023)

The Soft and Supple Mind, Desk Set book 5 (2023)

Law of Attraction, Desk Set book 6 (2023)

Love Never Dies, Desk Set book 7 (2023)


Love Leadership, Love Series book 1 (2023)

Design Your Leadership, Love Series book 2 (2023)

Short Stories to Heal the Heart Chakra (2023)