I am a channel. With the help of Jeshua, The Ascended and James, my Guardian that speak through me, I am a teacher of how to develop this amazing gift of clairvoyance and ability to channel.


The ability to channel is by far the most satisfying gift I could have been given. Jeshua is my highest level Guardian. They are the Ascended. They are Source Energy. They are the Collective of nonphysical beings that use my voice. They teach through me. I like to say I am the conduit, the allower and they are  Knowledge that flows through me. I am passionate about teaching others to do what I do, to receive clairvoyantly and to channel and then use these gifts to receive guidance when and where you need it effectively learning to live this life alongside your Guide and Guardian.


As a channel, Jeshua and James use/borrow my voice and speak through me. It is always interesting though figuring out how to describe what I do that makes sense to the average person.

I am a psychic, I am clairvoyant, I am a medium. I have E.S.P if that term resonates with you (it is accurate and also a fun way of describing "receiving").  I see images and words clearly in my mind, I see movement of energy, I hear voices, I feel extreme sensations around and within my body, they "move" me (clairmobility) in every way possible - They often call this the most important clair because it is pre-verbal and pre-clairvoyant and is what is meant by spelling words in the air with my face and, it can also be quite useful even after gifts have blossomed - and, I am a consciously-aware trance channel. 
The very best description for me is that I am an allower, a conduit,
a receiver of Source Energy communication.
and, I love nothing more than watching my students blossom into their gifts. All of my classes, workshops and events are channeled Teachings from Jeshua. In classes as well as readings, your Guides are always present to help you receive, to assist you in your learning, to help you develop your intuitive gifts if that is what is meant for you, to manifest a life you love and to live this life a little easier.

How my gifts unfolded

My personal development unfolded in a very unique way. About 6-months into my daily practice of quiet meditation, I began receiving motion, a soft, repetitive swirling pattern with my head. One day this movement simply changed to handwriting and very deliberate spelling of words in the air with my face rather than the previous, indiscriminate swirls (clairmobility). Conversations were slow yet steady and accurate - who can mistake a word when it is literally spelled out for you? It was extremely fun and fascinating time for me, still is ever time we communicate that way. 
I asked who I was speaking to and was given (spelled out) "We are James." Weeks later James described themselves further and said they were "a collective of nonphysical beings that have a similar focus." I have since been introduced to a number of nonphysical beings, past lives, loved ones, many celebrities, light beings (ET races), Source Beings (Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Seth and others), Archangels, and Jeshua - the name given to me as "The Ascended Ones" or simply, The Ascended.  
Within 6-weeks I went from spelling words in the air with my face (sounds strange, I now) to "mouth moving" - words formed on my lips similar to lip syncing and shortly after I simply had the impulse to speak. When I did, communication poured out of me. I have been a consciously-aware trance channel ever since. 





James and Jeshua, Are. They are Consciousness. They are Infinite Intelligence. They are Source Energy. They are a collective of nonphysical vibrational beings that speak through me. James, Jeshua and other Master Teachers, borrow my voice and speak through me.

I like to call them my nonphysical best friends.

Through me, they teach Knowledge of how "vibrational communication" works. In other words, they teach how to become clairvoyant and how to channel either with intention or by increasing your intuition and clairvoyance. By way of The Foundational Material they teach you that it is automatic to be able to tune into your Guide, Guardian, Loved Ones, or other nonphysical being and speak with them directly to receive guidance and to ask questions. They illustrate these concepts with amazing clarity and creativity that is always tailored for the students at-hand. They help you understand Oneness, the Chakratic System and the interplay both have with receiving their communication.
Source Teaches You to Communicate With Them
Their Intuitive Development courses teach you to intentionally strengthen the gifts you are aware of, those you are not aware of and those you are wanting to acquire.  They teach clairmobility and why it is their favorite clair. They clarify and demystify development effectively relinquishing the pressure many have with learning how to talk with them. Plus, they teach you how to self-validate to increase your awareness of and confidence in your receiving. More importantly, they know you, your body, and what gifts are developing within you and above all, they make learning fun. Essentially, they teach you the secrets of developing your intuitive gifts.
I have had countless conversations over a course of a thousand hours or more about who they are, who we are, the truth about continuity of life, what direct communication is all about and why it exists for everyone, how this gift of being a channel "found" me and what they are wanting me to do with it and it is their desire to teach as many as are willing to learn, how to communicate with them by way of channeled conversations.
The Pittsburgh Medium